Smart Decision

Make rational decisions based on the criteria relevant to you.

Define the available Options and the Criteria on which the Decision should be based and let Smart Decision do the math and determine your best choice.


Options are the items/alternatives you want to compare, ultimately deciding which is the preferred one.


Criteria are the standards on which the decision should be based.

Smart Decision supports six different criterion types:

  • Requirement: for essential characteristics a viable option should have
  • Binary: Yes or No, e.g. WiFi connectivity
  • Ranking: option order from hightest to lowest
  • Rating: rate each option with zero to five stars
  • Value [prefer lower]: e.g. price or power consumption
  • Value [prefer higher]: e.g. storage capacity or processor speed

Each criterion can be given a weight (from one to five, according to its importance) to be applied in the result calculation.


The result is a ranking of all options sorted by the percentage of the maximum possible score achieved by each option.
It is updated automatically as you evaluate each criterion for each option, so you get immediate feedback about the impact of every change. 

Available everywhere

Smart Decision supports iCloud Sync, so your Decisions are kept up to date on all your iOS devices.


Smart Decision is totally free, In-App-Purchases allow you to tip the developer and have no impact on the app's functionality.

Privacy Policy

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